Most Common Prop Bets Made in Hockey Games

SportsMarch 13, 2023

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in North America, and betting on it has become a popular form of entertainment for many fans. Prop bets are wagers made on outcomes besides the final score, such as which team will lead after the first period or how many shots will be taken during a game. Here we will look at some of the most common prop bets in hockey games.

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prop bets

Total Goals and Total Shots Props

One of the most common prop bet types is those involving total goals or total shots. These bets involve predicting how many goals and shots will be scored during a game, with bettors aiming to guess a total over or under an established line set by oddsmakers. In these types of wagers, it doesn’t matter who scores the goals or takes the shots as long as they add up to the specified number.

Money Line Bets

Money line bets are another prop bet where bettors attempt to predict which side (team) will win a given matchup based on their odds. Money line props can have point spreads attached to them, allowing bettors to back teams at advantageous points even when they don’t expect them to win outright. Money line props also include overtime and shootout outcomes – regardless of if regular time ended with a tie score – so these are considered one-off wagers that don’t need any extra resolution from an increase in playtime or other means.

Team Props

Team props focus on individual teams rather than individual players and generally involve picking which team will perform better in certain categories such as power plays, penalty kills, faceoffs won, etc. These prop bets offer plenty of options for punters looking to gain an edge over bookmakers since they require more detailed analysis, like studying player histories and past performances against each other and tactical advantages specific teams may have over others.. For example, team prop bets could involve predicting which team would finish with more shots on goal or more hits during a given game.

Game Props

Game props focus specifically on single games rather than player performance metrics or overall team performance metrics in order to gain points toward their prediction within a given game. Game props can include anything from guessing who will score first in a match to predicting which team’s goalie will make more saves throughout the course of a game. Game props also allow bettors to wager on things such as double results (both teams scoring), draw no bet (where you pick either team without taking into account overtime/shootouts), correct score (picking both teams’ scores at full time), etc., adding variety into hockey betting propositions that weren’t available before unless you’re gambling live at casinos.

Period Props

Period props provide yet another level of detail for punters looking for added value when betting on hockey games by focusing exclusively on certain periods within matches rather than overall performance metrics for individual games/matchups. Period props include picking things like leading after the first period (first period handicap) or winning shot count at the end of regulation time (period betting). In addition, period props allow bettors to make predictions about an upcoming game based on recent data from previous periods in previous matchups between two opponents while providing enough room for variance depending upon current form and lineup changes that may have occurred since the last meeting between two teams playing each other.


Overall, hockey prop bets provide an interesting way for punters to get involved in the sport. With all the different types of prop bets available, there’s something for everyone – from amateur enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.

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