June 22, 2024

Streameast Boxing: Fury vs. Ngannou

On October 28th, 2023, boxing and MMA fans will be treated to a highly anticipated crossover event – the live boxing match between heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou. This battle between two of the baddest men on the planet is generating tremendous hype and promises to be an epic showdown. Boxing fans will be able to stream the fight online through different streaming platforms such as Boxing PPV.

In one corner stands Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury – the flamboyant, charismatic, lineal heavyweight champion of boxing. In the other corner is “The Predator” Francis Ngannou – the ferocious knockout artist and former UFC heavyweight king. This fight brings together the best boxers and MMA fighters today in a bid to determine the undisputed baddest man on the planet. Let’s take a closer look at both combatants.

Streameast Boxing

At 6’9″ and √∂ver 270 pounds, Tyson Fury is an absolute giant for a heavyweight boxer. His incredible size gives him a significant reach and height advantage over most opponents. However, Fury is more than just a big guy. He possesses remarkable boxing skills, movement and ring IQ for a man his size. Fury is able to adeptly switch between orthodox and southpaw stances mid-fight to confuse foes. His footwork is astonishingly slick and enables him to avoid shots and set up his own strikes.

Fury also has an iron chin, having never been knocked out in 34 professional fights. He has faced some of the hardest hitters in boxing’s glamour division and survived their power. Fury is as tough as they come mentally too. His battles with depression and substance abuse outside the ring are well documented. Inside of it, he has shown the heart of a lion, rising from the canvas after massive knockdowns to win fights.

At 34 years old, Fury is in his athletic prime and has looked virtually unbeatable in recent years. He boasts an unbeaten professional record of 32-0-1 and is coming off a dominant KO win over Dillian Whyte in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley. Fury’s combination of size, skills and resilience make him arguably the top heavyweight in boxing today.

If Tyson Fury is the boxer in this equation, Francis Ngannou is definitely the puncher. At 6’4″ and over 250 pounds, Ngannou is a hulking heavyweight. His background is in MMA where he reigned as UFC champion. Ngannou made his name through his terrifying knockout power – specifically via vicious uppercuts and overhand rights.

Of Ngannou’s 17 wins in MMA, 12 have come via (T)KO and 8 in the first round. Simply put, if Ngannou lands clean, it’s lights out. Footage of his knockouts leave jaws on the floor. His punching power is considered among the best ever in combat sports.

Beyond his sledgehammer fists, Ngannou has proven to be a skilled and evolving fighter. He has worked extensively on his grappling and conditioning in recent years. While his boxing defense remains a question mark, his offense is explosive. Ngannou can end fights in an instant if given the chance.

At 36 years old, Ngannou is also in his prime. His recovery from knee surgery appears successful thus far. However, this will be Ngannou’s first professional boxing match compared to Fury’s 35 bouts. He is taking a massive leap up in competition against one of boxing’s craftiest operators. It will be a battle of Ngannou’s dynamite hitting ability versus Fury’s experience and ring mastery.

This is an incredibly intriguing live boxing show between two dominant heavyweight champions at the peak of their powers. While Ngannou possesses scary one-punch knockout power, the odds lean towards Fury’s advantage in boxing experience being the deciding factor.

Look for Fury to use his size and footwork to stay on the outside early and gauge Ngannou’s approach. Expect Ngannou to stalk forward and throw heavy artillery aimed at Fury’s head from the opening bell. Fury’s chin will face a stern test here from the crushing force of Ngannou’s strikes.

However, Fury should be able to play matador to Ngannou’s raging bull style as the fight progresses. Tiring out Ngannou with lateral movement and popping a piston-like jab to keep him at range is the ideal tactic. The later rounds favor Fury if Ngannou hasn’t landed by then.

Fury is very likely to overcome a few dicey moments early on to put his boxing prowess on full display. By the championship rounds, Ngannou may be swinging for the fences looking for a KO, but his punches will lose steam. Fury will let loose accurate combinations and pick Ngannou apart for a late stoppage. The king of boxing should reign supreme over MMA royalty. Fans will find out the result by watching the Fury vs. Ngannou fight online.